We are a consulting and accounting firm.

that takes care of more than accounting for the issuance of financial statements according to the law We focus on developing work systems by bringing various technologies. come to help for time in organizing accounting work We value offerings to executives. Like accounting according to the law, Daos emphasizes systematic work. Creating a working manual to make accounting There is a clear way to work. and can deliver the work When changing staff Daos Employees Has been trained and developed to be suitable for office work. and have skills in coordinating with other departments to make accounting work easier to understand For non-accountants

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Let us take one of your successes.

We stand as the number one in accounting system administration for all types of businesses, whether you are

Daos is ready to serve everyone, from small SMEs to large export businesses.

Training account

DAOS provides consulting services about accounting and tax work to ensure entrepreneurs in their investment plans.

Ever wondered what DAOS is?

And what kind of work do you get? Today we will unravel the secret.
DAOS is a professional temporary accountant who takes care of all accounting matters from admin work, billing, receiving / paying, dealing with both inside and outside the business. until closing Tax planning, including cashflow and internal reports for executives.
It will work as an accounting department for customers. Whether sitting at the company or doing online accounting, Daos is ready to strengthen the accounting team and can replace hiring full-time employees as well.

No matter what problem it is, it can be handled by the rescue team from DAOS!!

DAOS has a replacement service. Employees can continue to work. Old employees who may be on sick or maternity leave can continue to work. along with problem analysis and ready to find solutions


Why should you choose Out Source services?

  1. on the same budget The company can acquire quality employees rather than hire full-time employees.
  2. The company reduces concerns about employee leave. then there is no official to work instead
  3. The company is not responsible for welfare or expenses related to employees in the future.
  4. The company does not waste time training. or train new employees
  5. The company does not have to bear the burden of salaries and bonuses and problems with labor laws.

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